Interior Design


12 Alternatives To Classic Hoops


Tired of your standard old hoop earrings? Here’s 12 inspirational alternative options to bring the traditional hoop up to date and modernise your look for 2017.   Geo Cutout Drop Earrings by Forever 21     These interlocking stud hoops should be part of everyone’s jewellery collection right now, as they are seriously on trend. They’re minimalist yet playful, offering a refreshing twist on the classic hoop. Get them here…

Coolest Concrete Lighting


Traditionally heavy and dense, you wouldn’t expect concrete to have become as popular as it has in lighting design. In the hands of skilled craftsmen and artisans, we’ve seen in recent years how concrete can be transformed from a basic construction material into nothing less than a small work of art. Let’s explore the coolest concrete lighting design around that you can purchase or take inspiration from.   Oak /…