Colourful Contemporary Jewellery To Inspire You

Colourful Contemporary Jewellery To Inspire You

Contemporary jewellery is often closer to art than traditional jewellery. It’s a weird and wonderful world full of shapes, colours and texture. Jewellery artists often create huge statement necklaces, rings and brooches to show off their unusual style. I’ve compiled my favourite pieces of colourful contemporary jewellery which are fantastic, inspirational and use modern colour and materials in an innovative way. 

Beautifully Bold Colours

Sometimes with colour, you just have to be bold! Rather than sticking neutrals, make a statement by mixing contrasting or complimenting bright colours together. 

Below are some examples of fun and contemporary jewellery design which utilise bold and contemporary colours brilliantly.

Bright pinks, blues and yellows – how can you go wrong? Check out Anthropologie for some truly exquisite jewellery. It’s all so contemporary, colourful and exciting, but still really wearable. 

Rachel Timmins and Sara Borgegard use classy colours in their jewellery – colourful yet subdued. The colour combinations are quite stunning!

Colleen Jordans wearable planter ring is 3d printed, and so much fun. Who wouldn’t want to be able to wear a miniature succulent on their hand all day? And just look at the incredible colours and textures in Demi Chao’s work. She was inspired by microscopic photographs of pollen cells and sea coral. 

Antje Stolz uses bright chartreuse against cool grey, a combination which I love. It adds a pop of clean, bright colour to an industrial look.

These two fabulous fabric pieces remind me of beautiful colours found in nature. Deep sunsets, and a pastel sky over a shimmering sea…

There is a ‘hand drawn’ element to these jewellery pieces – like they are perfect models of somebody’s doodle! 

Here are two interesting contemporary jewellers who are both bold with colour. Lisa Björke makes work that explores fantasy, so it is no surprise that she chooses unpredictable colour in her work. Similarly, Natalia describes her jewellery as eclectic, whimsical, curious and spirited.

Sometimes, you just need a bit of burnt orange in your life. Why not make a statement with it like these amazing necklaces!

These rings are a perfect example of crazy and colourful contemporary jewellery! They have actually been made by letting salt crystals grow on the base, so each ring is totally unique and organic. Isn’t nature incredible?

Wonderful shades of green, blue and yellow to soothe the soul. Enamelling is a great way to add colour to jewellery, and it’s a process which adds the element of surprise as each piece turns out differently.

Both of these artists create brightly coloured necklaces but their style is very different. Whilst Gilly Langton creates ombre layered pieces, Jialin’s work is inspired by micro-organisms and the nervous system.

Ek Thongprasert necklaces are the ultimate colourful, statement-making pieces. 

Pinks and greens can look absolutely gorgeous when combined. Pamplepluie on Etsy creates eco friendly fabric jewellery which is well worth a look at!

Lastly, take a look at these wonderful paper constructed rainbow earrings, and an ombre crystal cuff by Kate Rohde. What’s not to love?


Hopefully this collection of colourful contemporary jewellery has inspired you and brightened your day just a bit. After all, we all need a little colour in our life!

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