Tropical Interiors: How to Transform Your Home into a Tropical Paradise

Tropical Interiors: How to Transform Your Home into a Tropical Paradise

Want to escape to a tropical paradise in your own home? With pantone being the colour of 2017, this year has gone crazy for greenery. Tropical interiors have become a strong trend, with the more plants, the better – and why not? Surrounding your indoor space with plants has been scientifically proven to better your health and extend your lifetime. For a wonderful escapist space, why not use some of our inspiration and tips below to create your own tropical vibes.

The Key Elements: Plants

There are a few key elements to a tropical interior which are integral to getting the right look. Firstly, plants. The more the better! Think palm trees, snake plants, bamboo palms, aloe, spider plants, dracaenas and similar tropical looking leafy plants. Make sure to pot them in something that matches your scheme, but white, gold toned or wicker is always a safe option.

Retro Vibe

The next key element is to add a retro vibe. Together with the plants, the look will be quite subtle and not too overpowering – just throw in a few pieces of vintage furniture here and there. For example try adding a cocktail chair, a 70s lampshade, table, round mirror, or vintage flooring, such as black and white checks or velvet carpet. Try some up-cycled retro furniture and re-upholstered chairs. We’ve picked out some great pieces below!


Colour Scheme

Lastly, pick your colour scheme and stick to it. One option is to keep the room white to really contrast with the greenery, adding a touch of metallic copper or brass here and there. Mixing some soft pink into the colour scheme also really works for the tropical theme. An easy way to do this is to use fabrics and cushions.

A different way in which you could style your room is to go all out colourful – aqua blue, oranges, pinks and greens will work together to give you a vibrant, happy and tropical vibe. Or if you want ultimate sophistication then you could opt for a really luxe look and go dark. Be bold with this one! Deep navy walls work so well with different shades of green, statement checkered flooring and splashes of white and gold.

The tropical interiors theme is so versatile and chic – have fun with it!

Shop Our Top Picks for Tropical Interiors

Shop Accessories for Tropical Interiors

Once you’ve decorated your interior, don’t forget the finishing touches! There are so many fun, tropical rainforest themed homeware accessories out there, but we’ve picked our favourite designs to make your life a little easier.



We hope you enjoyed our guide to creating your very own indoor tropical paradise. Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed it – for now, we’re off to relax in a sea of palm leaves!

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