Dreamy Dusky Pink Decor

Dreamy Dusky Pink Decor

Dusky Pink is a trendy alternative these days to regular pink. It can look beautiful when used in home decor by giving a soft and demur look – really romantic yet subdued. Here are some of the best pieces of dusky pink decor we found on the market right now.

Sumptuous Fabrics

For a soft and feminine vibe, add some dusky pink furnishings to your room. I think that the colour lends itself really well to sumptuous fabrics such as velvet or sheepskin. It just looks classy and luxurious.

Walls and Floors

As it’s such a soft colour, you could easily cover a wall or floor with a dusky pink rug, curtains or a wall hanging. The colour often looks best against cream or a neutral palette. Urban Outfitters currently sells some beautiful pink interior pieces. 


Glass is another material which dusky pink pairs stunningly with.  I would love to romanticise my house with a few of these pieces of glassware.

You could also give a fun and contemporary vibe by using a dusky peach colour. I love the contrast of the blue embroidered lady on top of the peachy pink coloured cushion. This colour is complimented so well by a soft blue, purple or metallic gold.

You can be whimsical and playful with pink home decor. I love the 60’s style glamour of this lips mirror! Or how about a pair of pretty pink glimmering Swarovski crystal cockatoos sitting on your desk?

The Bedroom

A demure pink looks great in the bedroom. The colour exudes elegance, yet it’s also so contemporary and current. Try using it on your bedlinen, or for something more subtle just a few accessories here and there.

Even this faux succulent plant oozes sophistication with its’ dusky pink leaves! And this gathered duvet cover by Urban Outfitters is simply to die for.

I hope you’ve enjoyed HoneyTrend’s round up of our favourite current dusky pink decor. Perhaps it has inspired you to add a touch of romanticism to your own home!

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